What Is a Parrot Head?

Parrotheads: (par-it-heds) n. Unique creatures found in colonies worldwide. Not particularly dangerous, they do occasionally engage in "Feeding Frenzies" that can be somewhat disconcerting to other, less social creatures. While they frequently wear very colorful and unorthodox clothing, Parrotheads have the innate ability to blend in with their environment when required and are sometimes hard to detect. The trained spotter should look for subtle clues like a parrot tattoo, loud, bright Hawaiian shirts, and even a coconut bra. 

Parrot Head: 1. noun: A rare specimen of non-conformists that is an apparently normal person that in reality is a restless dreamer and wild wanderer. Possessing a creative imagination and pure gypsy soul, their dress consists of delightful yet creative and comfortable clothing mainly of Colorful Caribbean design. Diet consist of Cheeseburgers and Margaritas. 2. noun: A devotee of the music and life style of Jimmy Buffett. Mr. Jimmy Buffett is the originator of "Caribbean rock-n-roll", also known as "Trop-rock". It's a true sound of his own. You can visit his website to learn more about him, his music and all his adventures at www.margaritaville.com.

The origin of the Parrot Head goes all the way back to June 28, 1985. One of Jimmy Buffett's former Coral Reefer Band members, Timothy B. Schmit, gave birth to the phrase What is a Parrot Head at a concert held at the Timberwolf Amphitheater in Cincinnati, OH. Jimmy Buffett was noticing that an overwhelming amount of his concert goers were wearing tropical clothing and parrots on their heads. After seeing that enough times, the term was born by Timothy when he called them all Parrot Heads on a whim.  ​  The simple definition?  A Parrot Head simply refers to someone who is a fan of Jimmy Buffett's music and lifestyle that he promotes....and they are EVERYWHERE!  

Nowadays, a Parrot Head isn't just for Jimmy Buffett concerts anymore.  A true Parrot Head is also generous, often sharing what they bring with their fellow flockers.  ​  Not sure if being a Parrot Head is for you?   No problem. Just join them at any organized event and you will see why we all love this lifestyle. If you see a few Parrot Heads in their natural environment tailgating at a Jimmy Buffett concert, why not join them. You may get tossed a tropical concoction and a cheeseburger, too!